Launch of a Raw Business Case

Event Date: 
Tuesday, July 18, 2017 - 17:00
Centre for African Wetlands Auditorium

The Yale School of Management, the University of Ghana Business School and EGADE of Mexico in their quest to bring major innovations into business education, have collaborated with IBM Corporation of the United States to develop a Raw Business Case using data from IBM CSC projects in Ghana and Mexico. A major difference between a traditional and raw case is that a raw case captures events as they are, and therefore maintains the multi-dimensional nature of business problems as they happen in the real world.

Over the last fifty (50) years or more, the world’s best business-related educational institutions have hailed the use business-related cases in the classroom as probably the best way of preparing our students to handle real life business problems. The challenge however, is that traditional business cases are often problem specific and do not mimic the multi-dimensional nature of business challenges as they happen in the real corporate world.

The launch of the case will bring together alumni of some of the world’s best Business Schools across the globe, Captains of Industry, providers of Business Education in Ghana, representatives from the Yale School of Management and IBM Ghana and Nigeria, beneficiaries of IBM CSC projects to discuss the importance such cases in delivering good quality Business Education both for full time students and executives pursuing continuous education.