Request Transcript

As an international alumni, you may request additional copies of your transcripts/academic documents after leaving the University of Ghana. We will be happy to mail your transcripts/academic documents to you anywhere in the world. Regular Ghanaian alumni living abroad who wish to use this service should contact Mr. Kwame Obeng-Yeboah through the email ipoexams@outlook.com before proceeding.


Cost of additional transcripts is determined by the postage option chosen. Postage options for an order of 1-3 transcripts are as follows:

            ·         DHL (two to five working days delivery): 260 cedis per address

            ·         EMS (three days to a week delivery): 170 cedis per address

            ·         FedEx (three days to a week delivery): 240 cedis per address

These amounts include cost of transcripts plus mailing of the transcripts to a designated address of your choice.



Step one: Select a postage option

Step two: Transfer total amount via Western Union to Money Transfer to:

                Kwame Obeng-Yeboah

                Examinations Office 

                International Programmes

                University of Ghana-Legon

                Accra, Ghana


Step three: Send E-mail to ipoexams@outlook.com with the following information.

                        .        Postage option chosen

·        Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN)

·        Test Question and Answer

·        Amount transferred

.         Sender's name

·        Your University of Ghana Student ID

·        Student's full name

·        Your country

·        Your programme of study whilst at University of Ghana (courses)

·        Your year of completion

·        Address/addresses you would want the transcript(s) sent to

            .         Phone number(s) of Recipient

Step four: NOTE

                       Students are required to attach authorization note for the collection of the transcript bearing the receiver's name (Kwame Obeng-Yeboah).