Assistant Registrar
Room Number: Room F2
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Daniel Hormeku is the Assistant Registrar of International Programmes. He is the main administrator of the unit, assisting the Dean with the general supervision of staff and providing support services/pastoral care for all categories of international students.

Daniel holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (Human Resources option) with first class honors and a Master of Public Administration, both from the University of Ghana Business School. He has over twenty-six years of experience in the Ghanaian public service, including seven years as the International Liaison of the University of Ghana International Programmes Office.

His contribution to the enhancement of the international image of the University of Ghana has led to the signing of a number of fruitful collaborative agreements for the University. Over the past few years, Daniel has also contributed to the review of services and processes related to international students, thereby ensuring that the expectations of such students are met. He has represented the Dean at a number of local and international meetings and conferences and made useful contributions to the internationalization drive at UG.

Daniel is passionate about international students, their welfare and the receptiveness of faculty who interact with them. This, he believes, would help enhance the University’s relationship with various partners abroad.