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My name is Ebenezer Kwakye, a level 300 student of University of Ghana and I study Political Science. My stay at Univerzita Hradec Králové, Czech Republic was very exciting. The community of Hradec Králové was nice though I first saw them as people who don't like foreigners before I came. But as time went on, I had a lot of friends and I realized that they were very nice people after all. They were always willing to help us whenever we needed it especially when we got lost in the city.

The accommodation was great, everything was perfect. The necessary facilities including wifi, well-furnished kitchens as well as the entire environment made us feel at home.


It was great to study under renowned professors who really taught and inspired us a lot. Many class trips were organised for us to travel to countries like France, Germany, and Austria to help us broaden our knowledge about the studies we in had class. 

We had volunteers (The Erasmus Buddies) who helped us integrate into in the system very well. The Buddies were very dedicated and very nice. They organized a lot of activities such as country presentations, sport activities and get together parties to make our stay a memorable. I will say that UHK is a great place to be and the students are also open and friendly. The main language spoken at Hradec Kralove is Czech and only few students could speak English. However, we were able to communicate with them despite the language barrier. We had difficulty in learning the language at the beginning but we became proficient in Czech after taking classes.




The Coordinators, Madam Vera Kourimova and Martina Eliasova who were in charge of our stay at UHK were very helpful when we needed their assistance. The UHK community is a nice place to be and I encourage my colleagues to be there too.

I am grateful to the International Programmes Office, particularly Ms. Victoria Baku for the wonderful support she gave us during the processing of our applications.

Mr. Daniel Hormeku, who visited us during our stay in Czech Republic to know how we were doing, was very awesome. We had a good time with him.

I observed that UHK organised country presentations and a lot of sport activities for us. Even though we had tough class schedules, we were able to join in the activities, which allowed me to network with students from other parts of the world. I would like to suggest to IPO to also engage in such activities to enable us, local students to be able to link up with international students and know them more.

We also had other programmes for International students only. For instance Erasmus Party and Erasmus tour and many more which I would recommend for University of Ghana so international students can make friends quickly and reduce boredom as well as encourage more students to come too.


Thank UG, UHK for the wonderful opportunity.

Ebenezer Kwakye