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My trip to Hradec Kràlové, Czech Republic, has to be one of the greatest miracles ever to happen to me. Coming from an introverted, yet somewhat adventurous background, I have always yearned to experience new cultures, new relationships, and new environments. Somehow, my UHK experience has made all of these dreams come true. As an African child, particularly from Ghanaian background gaining a scholarship anywhere is a big deal.

Not to talk of the fact that I had been considered among a great number of legible contestants for the Erasmus scholarship to the University of Hradec Kràlové, Czech Republic, in Europe. It was a miracle, a dream come true, not just for me, but for my entire family.

 I daresay even my community had a fair share of the joy when it was finally announced that I was to spend a semester abroad. Well, I blame that on the amazing community spirit we have as Ghanaians.

Fast-forward February 6th, 2018, I arrived at Václav Havel Airport, Prague, at approximately 10 am in the morning, together with my colleague, Ebenezer Kwakye, who was also selected as a beneficiary of the scholarship scheme. It was phenomenal. Truth be told, I had never traveled on an aircraft before that day, and the experience had gotten me so hyperactive, so much so that I could barely sit on the train ride on our way to Hradec.

Then came the orientation week, then came the socialization, then came the onset of the academic semester. What diversity! I was in shock of my ability to make friends so quickly. My introverted tendencies seemed to slowly recede to the background as I began to make friends with almost everyone. Everyone was so welcoming and friendly. The school also organized a variety of programmes that made it so easy to fit in and have so much fun. I cannot mention this without recalling the exciting skiing trip, as well as a trip my class teacher organized for us to Warsaw, Poland.


However, it was not all fun and games. Teaching and learning was  so interactive and educative. The lecturers were so affable, which made student contribution in class very flexible. I can say I benefited from the academic experience from UHK because hitherto, I could barely contribute to class discussions or ask questions in class. However, after a few weeks of intensive teaching, learning and discussions, I could literally feel a new found boldness rising within me, as I was not only asking questions and making valuable intellectual contributions in class, but I was also making class presentations with a new sense of public speaking skills. And oh, my dream of touring Europe became a reality! Not only did I get to discover  Czech  Republic, but I also got to visit Poland, France, and finally reunited with my biological father in Germany.


I could write on and on and on, but I probably have to be wrapping up now. This experience has changed my life. I have become a better person socially, intellectually, academically, and I daresay that my journey towards earning my bachelor’s degree has been transformed. As an individual, I realize that there is so much more to experience, and so much more to achieve. My UHK experience has positioned me for this. I am ready to take over the future. Thank you  UHK ! Thank you  Erasmus !! And thank you  University  of Ghana!!!


Compiled by: Renalta Aboagyewaa Nkansah.