Deciding on a Destination

1. Research UG’s 88+ Partner Institutions

Students often start their research by finding out where they can go on exchange. UG has many exchange agreements with schools all over the world- we call these Partner Institutions. Some factors you may consider while doing your research are:

  • the language(s) of instruction
  • the school’s academic strengths (some of our partner institutions are world-famous in certain specializations)
  • the local culture and climate

Carefully read the partner information to see if there are any restrictions for exchange- some schools only accept undergraduate students, students from certain faculties, etc. This is all indicated on the legend of the partner institutions page. The online application will not allow you to apply for institutions that you are not eligible to attend.

2. Find your courses

It is important to meet with your Head of Department to determine the appropriate and equivalent courses and the number of credits to be taken at the University of Ghana and at Host University. The courses selected will count towards the calculation of your final Grade Point Average (GPA) required for graduation at the University of Ghana. Kindly obtain a course exemption form from the Study Abroad Center at the International House