Q1. When and how can I apply to the GTW programme?

You may apply to the programme as early as possible every year.

Q2. When does the programme start?

The programme has summer sessions in June and July.

Q3. What is the duration of the programme?

GTW is for a period of up to 4 weeks.

 Q4. Can a participant book their own accommodation outside the programme venue?

All participants will be required to stay on-campus during the entire duration of programme.

Q5. Can a participant apply for the two cohorts of the programme and when? 

Participants can apply for the two streams of the programme and may wish to indicate that on the online application form or upon arrival.

Q6. Can a participant make payment of fees upon arrival?

No. All payments for the programme should be made prior to arrival. In case of unforeseen payment issues, participants should contact IPO immediately and they will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

Q7. Are payments made refundable?

Payments made are not refundable except under special circumstance and an administrative fee may be withheld.

Q8. Will participants get credit for participating in the programme?

Yes, a University of Ghana transcript will be issued to participants.

Q9. What benefit will participant gain for attending the programme?

The benefits are numerous. Participants study for credit, get to explore the first sub-Saharan African country to attain independence from British colonial rule, have the opportunity for service learning, network, and be provided with certificates.

 Q10. How are grades determined in a course?

Assessment and grades are awarded based on the scores obtained from attendance, active participation, experiential reports and an academic course work report.

Q11. Can I repeat an elective course to improve my grade?

No, participants are advised to sign up for another elective course to broaden your knowledge.

Q12. Can I switch an elective course if I am no longer interested?

Yes, participant may switch elective courses prior to arrival in Accra. However, IPO must be informed about your elective choice three weeks to the start of the GTW Summer Programme.

Q13. Can I leave the programme at a point?

No, this is not allowed except for special medical cases and fees paid will not be refunded.