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Consider adding some international facet to your degree! The University of Ghana International Programmes Office offers exchange opportunities geared towards giving students international exposure, cross-cultural competence as well as develop new perspectives in their course of study. Students are offered these opportunities through partnerships with approximately 107 partner institutions in more than 36 countries around the globe. Notable among our strategic partners who offer mobility schemes are (Click here). An exchange programme allows you to attend a university abroad while paying UG tuition and earning credit toward your UG degree.

Why Should You Consider An Exchange?

Your time abroad will expose you to;

  1. Professional opportunity:  Studying abroad helps one to develop transnational competencies, cross-cultural communication skills, and analytical skills of value to future employment opportunities.
  2. Personal development: Studying abroad can play a big role in enhancing your self-esteem and confidence levels. When you travel alone to a new country, you are challenged to figure things out on your own. This helps in your growth and maturity process. You develop resilience to challenges and key social skills as well.
  3. Build Social network: As the popular saying goes, “all that humans need are humans”. You meet broaden your social network and gain lifelong friends who would be ready to assist and help you in life.
  4. Gain in-depth knowledge and experience of another culture: Understand completely new ways and styles of living through language, food, clothing, norms, and customs of other countries. Broaden your horizons!
  5. Experience your academic subject and worldview through a new lens;
  6. Challenge yourself by developing flexibility, resilience, and the ability to adapt to new circumstances.




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