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The links below provide easy access to student handbooks. Read about UG's wide range of courses, the requirements for completion of your degree and important regulations. Be sure to read the Course Selection Tips below.

Coding and Numbering Of Courses

All degree programmes have alphanumerical codes (e.g. POLI 445). The first 4 letters stand for a department or subject, followed by a 3 digit number in one of the following ranges:

Level 100 (First Year) Courses: 100-199 (not recommended for visiting students)
Level 200 (Second Year) Courses: 200-299
Level 300 (Third Year) Courses: 300-399
Level 400 (Fourth Year) Courses: 400-499

The third digit in the number code is:

  • Zero (0) for a course that is offered over both semesters (Aug to May/June)
  • Odd (1, 3, 5, 7 or 9) for a course offered in the first semester (Aug-Dec)
  • Even (2, 4, 6 or 8) for a course offered in the second semester (Jan-May/June)


One (1) course credit is defined as:

  • One hour lecture per week for a semester or
  • One hour tutorial per week for a semester or
  • One practical session of two or three hours per week for a semester or
  • Six hours of field work per week for a semester

* Visiting undergraduate students are only allowed to take courses at levels 200 to 400 in the first semester.

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