Initial step:

Study Abroad Clinic

Interested students must attend the Study Abroad Clinic to discuss their intended programmes including selection of courses offered at host universities. During the session you will meet and hear from past students, staff and faculty about their experiences studying abroad, get advice and guidance on a wide range of topics including how to write Letters of Motivation/ Statement of Purpose, CVs, culture, finance, travel arrangements.

Identify the partner universities you would like to attend and the courses at the partner university that you wish to take.

  • ➢ Submit application to your head of department to be officially nominated.  Include the following in the application:
    • - Name as it appears in passport
    • - Level of studies (graduate or undergraduate)
    • - Field of studies
    • - Telephone contact number
    • - UG email address
    • - Emergency contact details
  • ➢ The Study Abroad Center will contact you upon receipt of your nomination to submit application documents (link to requirements). The documents must be satisfactorily written and submitted before the appropriate deadline to
  • ➢ Collect a course exemption form from the Study Abroad Center. Submit the form together with the list of courses offered at host university to your head of department (HoD) for approval.  Please note: Your head of department should be notified if you cannot find the required courses you wish to take at the host university to enable them to recommend alternative courses for replacement. These courses will count towards your graduation. Students are ultimately responsible for ensuring that they meet all credit requirements.

Upon approval from the HoD, submit the form to the dean of your school for their signature. Submit completed form together with other required documents to the study abroad centre.

             Your application for nomination will include:

  •  A one - two page Letter of Motivation/Personal Statement. This personal statement must indicate why you are interested in this programme, how it supports your academic career and goals. In addition, the write-up should address your level of independence, comfort with ambiguity, and the personal tools you will use to navigate a new country and culture.


Proofread your write-up !!

Once you have completed your write-up, check it through thoroughly. You should make sure all the information you have cited is accurate. Correct spelling and punctuation is also essential.

Write in clear sentences and structure your research proposal in a logical format that is easy for the reader to follow.

It is easy to miss errors in your own work, so ask someone else to proofread your research proposal before submitting it to the study Abroad Center.

  • One letter of recommendation from your head of department. This letter of recommendation should include name of student, academic level achievement in general, why the recommender believes the applicant will be a successful participant in the selected programme, and an evaluation of the applicant’s independence, adaptability, and cultural awareness. It should also indicate that the student will return to UG to continue their studies.
  • The study abroad center will do the initial processing of applications and submit them to the partner institution.  Some of the institutions will email you an application and course select forms which students will complete online.
  • Successful applicants will be notified by the partner university and offer of admissions letter will be forwarded to them to enable them to start their visa application.  The Study Abroad Center will also provide the needed documents to facilitate the visa application.
  • Applications documents including the personal statement and letter of recommendation) must be submitted by the listed deadline.


Timelines for submission of Applications:

  • First Semester (August to December) : November 10
  • Second Semester (January to April) : September 15

Returning to UG

  1. Sharing your experience and knowledge

       We would like you to keep in touch following your study abroad experience:

       Sharing your experience of our blog (create a link)

       Sharing your photos via facebook and Instagram

** apply to be a global opportunities ambassador* The ambassador will encourage past study abroad students to share their experience of living overseas to help us to share the benefits of taking part in an exchange with future students

Email address: some partner universities create additional email addresses while overseas. You must continue to check your UG email account throughout your period abroad as IPO will contact you regularly through your UG email address.

  1. Registration

Your grades are converted and entered into your academic records once they are received from host university.  Your department will be engaged in the conversion process.

We encourage you to meet your financial obligations to UG to enable you to register online upon your return to the university.  You will be required to submit a proof of payment (receipt) for IPO. Upon receipt of the document, IPO will provide you a letter of support to be submitted to Academic Affairs to allow you access to register online.


  1. While you are away

Academic matters:

If you have any problems or queries regarding academic matters while studying abroad, which cannot be resolved at the host university, contact your department(cc us) to enable them to suggest suitable alternatives or solutions where you are struggling with courses/module choices.