Welcome to Parents' Portal. At the University of Ghana, we understand your desire to know how your ward is doing to enable you encourage and support him/her even more.Tracking your Ward’s Academic PerformanceAcademic performance is key to your ward’s future. Tracking your ward’s performance can help you know his/her academic standing. You can do this by:Either:

  • Ask your ward to log in to the UG MIS Web using his/her ID and PIN
  • Select Student Enquiry
  • Select Academic Record to view academic performance of student since enrolment at UG.


  • Complete a request form and ask your ward to sign. The International Programmes Office can assist you acquire this form.

Interpreting your Ward’s GPA.The Grade Point Average is the measure of academic performance. The Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) is your ward’s academic standing over the semesters spent in the university. The best possible CGPA is 4.0. Students who fall below 1.0 are withdrawn from the university.Fees and Academic CalendarClick links below to view

Would you like to speak to us? Contact the International Programmes Office +233-289-601744/+233-289-601828 or sip@ug.edu.gh