Call for International Student Ambassadors

The International Programmes Office has opened application for interested final year and past students to apply for the position of international student ambassador. International students Ambassadors are generally selected for their exceptional skills, potentials, positive behaviour and knowledge both academic and general. Hence, they are expected to maintain the highest standard of honesty and responsible behaviour just as any ambassador in the discharge of their mandate. Below are the criteria for the selection of interested persons who desire to become an international student ambassador for University of Ghana. Applicants are not expected to meet all the criteria to qualify for the position. 

1.0 Criteria for Selection as International Student Ambassador

1.    Must be a past student or final year international student of University of Ghana. 
2.    Must have successfully graduated from University of Ghana or final year student in good academic standing.
3.    Must be passionate with sincere desire to represent as international student, University of Ghana ambassador in your jurisdiction.
4.    Ability to work well with others and be successful team player.
5.    Must have key knowledge of University of Ghana.
6.    Must possess strong communication written and interpersonal skills suitable for working with the Ambassador team, IPO and student body.
7.    Must commit to participate either in-person or virtual in any international student activities organised by IPO or ISA where invited.
8.    Be knowledgeable about his/her home.
9.    Demonstrate leadership, community service, motivation and professionalism.
10.    Be outgoing and actively involved in campus or community activities.
11.    Ability to advocate for international student engagement on campus.
12.    Maintain a positive attitude that reflects a model behaviour as a leader or ambassador.


2.0 How to Apply

To apply for the position of University of Ghana International Student Ambassador, you will need to do the following:

1.    Pick application form from IPO (Deans Secretariat) or access it online or on international student WhatsApp platform, link:;
2.    Complete the application form and add a Resume.
3.    Submit the application form in person to the secretariat or submit via online through the link.
4.    All applications will be reviewed and responded to in three working days after the application deadline.
5.    Successful applicants will be notified via email or phone call and invited for a brief interaction.


3.0 Important Timelines

1.    Call for application: 28th June,2021
2.    Deadline: 12th July,2021
3.    Selection: 15th  July,2021
4.    Interaction: 17th July,2021
5.    Presentation of certificate of recognition: During final year durbar. 


4.0 Contact Persons

Mr Ralph Asubonteng
Email: or 
Tel: 0559693409/0277089975

Mrs. Dinah Addae
Tel: 0509332149