• Overview
    To create a vibrant intellectual climate that stimulates cutting-edge research and community engagement, the university admits research students from all countries. Depending on your research area and the availability of a supervisor you can apply as a research affiliate for as many months as you desire. Fees for research affiliation are pro-rated depending on the length of stay. Students may opt to reside at the International Students' Hostel.

    Kindly contact the Coordinator for Visiting students at nspip@ug.edu.gh or Call +233 50 706 2290 to make enquiries about the current accommodation rates.
  • helpUseful Tips on Applying

    These steps are to guide you in putting in your application for a research affiliation:

    • Contact the relevant department to seek a research supervisor. Once you have a supervisor, a letter of affiliation from the department will be furnished as one of the required documents.  Note: If you are having difficulties in contacting the department send an email to orid-researchadmin@ug.edu.gh.  Your email should clearly state your intended research area and duration.
    • Download and complete the APPLICATION FORM and submit with requisite documents via email to orid-researchadmin@ug.edu.gh  at least one month before the intended date of commencement of the affiliation.
    • Applicant will be notified upon receipt of the application by the Office for Research, Innovation and Development (ORID). The application would be processed to the host department and an offer letter will be sent to the applicant.
    • Applicant will be required to indicate his/her acceptance of the offer by completing and returning the ACCEPTANCE FORM by email to orid-researchadmin@ug.edu.gh.

    Please take note that the offer does not include accommodation. Arrangements for accommodation must be made separately with the IPO by email at nspips@ug.edu.gh or arip@ug.edu.gh

    FEES:  Candidates interested in being affiliated to the University of Ghana would be required to pay an affiliation fee to the University before the commencement of their attachment. The amount charged has been pro-rated by the duration of the affiliation against the approved affiliation fee for the academic year