The following is to help you through the application portal for a degree programme or English proficiency programme. However first advise yourself on our admission requirements and fees. Once you satisfy these, you can start with the application process.



  1. Visit the Apply Now page, and click on the 'Apply Now'. Select 'create account' as a new applicant. Use the 'Returning Applicant' section if you started the application, saved it and logged out.
  2. Register your details in the university system, and click 'submit and confirm'.
  3. On the Welcome Page, click 'Go to the Application Form'. Read the Supporting Documents section as well.
  4. Click on 'Click to Begin' to begin the application process.
  5. Provide details and move on to the next step.
  6. Scan and upload your picture using the 'Upload your passport picture' link.
  7. Save and continue your selections on the next two pages.
  8. Select your programme options. Legon should be your preferred campus. English Proficiency applicants must select 'Certificate in English Proficiency' as their programme.
  9. On the Application Summary page check to see if you have submitted all required fields. If you wish to pay using UGPay to pay application fees click on 'Pay Online' or 'Upload Pay-In-Slip' if you wish to pay through the bankYour application will not be processed without proof of payment!
  10. Undergraduate applicants with results can upload voucher by clicking on 'Click here to Submit' in the Results Checker field. Those awaiting results will have to do this once you have bought your results checker.
  11. You can always 'Review and Complete your Application' in the Application Status field.
  12. Once you are confident all fields are satisfied, you can submit application.